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Yamama Ultra Umrah Package

Yamama Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd. offers a variety of Umrah packages to suit your needs and budget. The package under consideration is called the Yamama Ultra Package. The rate chart below includes fifteen-day, twenty-one-day, and twenty-eight-day Umrah packages. You can increase or decrease the number of days of stay in Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawwarah according to your need, time, and budget.

What is included in these packages

  • The Yamama Ultra packages include star hotels in Makkah and Madinah.
  • The hotels in the Yamama Ultra packages are located 500 to 800 meters from the Haram.
  • In addition to hotels, the Yamama Ultra packages include Umrah visa, Umrah insurance, and transportation by bus.

What is not included in these packages

  • Food is not included in the Yamama Ultra packages.
  • Ziyarats are not included in the Yamama Ultra packages.
  • Air tickets are not included in the Yamama Ultra packages.

Ultra Umrah Rates

15 DaysRs83,000Rs88,500Rs99,500Rs122,00086
21 DaysRs95,000Rs102,500Rs118,500Rs150,000128
28 DaysRs109,000Rs119,000Rs140,500Rs182,0001710
Update Date11-06-2024

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Other information about Umrah packages

Rates for group Umrah tickets

Air LineRouteConactionPrice
Saudi AirLahore-Jeddeh-LahoreDirectRs133,000
Any Other DirectLahore-Jeddeh-LahoreDirectRs122,000
Any Indirect AirlineLahore-Jeddeh-LahoreIndirectRs115,000
Update Date11-06-2024

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